Susan & Michael

Eileen and Lillian are amazing women!! They facilitated a pack of our condo during the COVID crisis. They did this via FaceTime! We were home in Canada and unable to return for the season. They are resourceful, honest, reliable, patient….. an outstanding job. If there was a 10 star, they would deserve it! We will be using their services again! Highly recommend!


These two are two of the most amazing people in South Florida in regards to their professionalism in packing, sorting, helping, administering, counseling, and troubleshooting a move. Ours required them to pack the house, arrange for a donation pickup, get ready for a mover whom they didn’t know, and most importantly, to aid my wife who was distraught in leaving her home for a move out of state who was doing it on her own without my ability to be there. Remember, this is south Florida, the home of the slick deal, empty words, and action without conscious. In the midst of this world, these two define the very essence of trust, hard work, professional ethic, helpfulness, and kindness. Not only did they do all as was outlined above in an exceptional manner, they went above and beyond that level. To the chase: If you want someone that will pack your house, help your mother, insure that your stuff is safe, move beyond your expectations to exemplify honesty, professionalism, knowledge, functionality, and efficiency these are the people you want. Without question.

Barbara M.

My Angels

I hired Clutter Magic to help me organize my small house, which was going to be undergoing a major renovation. I had some health issues, so getting someone to help me get the house in shape seemed like a no-brainer.
Eileen and Lillian have worked with me at my own pace for the last few months…. One room at a time and little by little I began to see a big difference. 

Thank you for all you have done to help me get my house in so much better shape!! One thing about being confined to the house these weeks – I have really appreciated how good things are looking and how much calmer everything is!! I am spending a lot of time in my chair, resting and watching TV, and my view is of the lovely dining area. All the clear space is so inspiring!! I am so looking forward to making even more progress as soon as I am well!!

Thank you more than I ever know how to say, Barbara


I just wanted to take a minute to wish you both Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year, too. I can’t express to you both how grateful I am to have found you!. You guys turned out to be my “angels” in disguise. I know we have come a loooong way and I know I still have a way to go, but Thank You for your patience, help, support and non-judgment along the way ….you guys never gave up on me.

Carol and Tony

This note is long overdue. Tony and I want to thank you so much for the great job you did with our Moving Sale. We could not be happier with the results. The sale was so organized and ran so smoothly. Best of all, we cleared out so much “stuff” and made some money!. You helped to make our move that much easier. We are enjoying our new home and we don’t miss the extra space we had in our house. Best Regards, Carol


I was unsure of what to expect. I am a borderline hoarder and was very embarrassed to show my house to anyone. Lillian and Eileen made me feel very comfortable and they were not judgmental at all. We completed one room in four hours and I was amazed at the results!


The level of service at Clutter Magic is fantastic. Having been a customer since the beginning, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Eileen and Lillian. Thank you!


These ladies are like angels that showed up at the right time to change my life. They did a room by room house make-over and they even got my husband motivated into finishing some projects