If Organization or Clutter is a problem… please read on…. Are you tired of coming home and being sad or disappointed in what your house or apartment looks like? Would you like a peaceful, uncluttered space to relax in? Is your space too small? Would you like for it to look or feel larger? Are you an empty nester, do you need your home re-organized? Do you have an elderly relative that needs assistance with paperwork or organization? Are you overwhelmed by what is in your garage? Do you want it to be re-organized? Are you moving?  We can assist in pre-move sorting and packing.  Also unpacking while we organize your new home! If any of the above sounds familiar, then Clutter Magic is your answer! We have a plan, options or ideas for your specific situation, from organizing a few drawers to a full house make-over. No job is too small!   FREE CONSULTATION