These two are two of the most amazing people in South Florida in regards to their professionalism in packing, sorting, helping, administering, counseling, and troubleshooting a move. Ours required them to pack the house, arrange for a donation pickup, get ready for a mover whom they didn’t know, and most importantly, to aid my wife who was distraught in leaving her home for a move out of state who was doing it on her own without my ability to be there. Remember, this is south Florida, the home of the slick deal, empty words, and action without conscious. In the midst of this world, these two define the very essence of trust, hard work, professional ethic, helpfulness, and kindness. Not only did they do all as was outlined above in an exceptional manner, they went above and beyond that level. To the chase: If you want someone that will pack your house, help your mother, insure that your stuff is safe, move beyond your expectations to exemplify honesty, professionalism, knowledge, functionality, and efficiency these are the people you want. Without question.