Where do we begin….. Roberta hired us to organize and de-clutter her 3/2 house in which she had been living for over 16  years. After a few sessions, she developed some health problems and she decided to sell her house and move to a senior living community.  Our job then turned into a purge, pack and move.
We held a “moving sale” at her house and included all the items we purged as well as some things and furniture from her new condo. It was very successful!!

Roberta sold her house quickly and we packed and purged some more.  Which led to a 2nd “already moved sale”

On moving day, we supervised the movers and proceeded to set up her new condo. 

We are still in the process of seeing her new home take shape …. As we unpack and purge more boxes… this it to be continued ……

Roberta has a standing appointment now, every week.

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