Hi … my name is Baby A and I want to say THANKS  to the Clutter Magic ladies.  My Daddy plays Professional Football and my Mommy is very busy taking care of me.  When we found out we had to move again…. my Grandma told my Mommy that she found these 2 ladies to help.  They came to our old house and packed up ALL our toys in boxes and told my Daddy to put them in our new house.

Then they went to our new house and un-packed everything. They set up my Play Room and my Bedroom, made my shelves look pretty with all the books lined up and arranged my toys.

When they did Mommy and Daddy’s closet, they even hung up their clothes with all the pretty colors together!

Now, when Grandma comes to visit, she can play with me and doesn’t have to help Mommy and Daddy put everything away. She can sit in the rocking chair that Eileen and Lillian put in the corner and she can read me books.

Baby A

P.S. I learned to walk while they were here!