We met our client, Laura and her Realtor at the house.  She told us she was eager to have an Estate Sale and didn’t know where to start. After all,  she had lived there for over 25 years!  She had already moved and needed  to sell what she left behind.  In addition, the house needed to be staged for the listing’s pictures.   We agreed that each room needed to be de-cluttered, belongings sorted and organized before it was ready for  staging.  The first room that we worked on was the great-room. We brought in furniture and accessories from other rooms, showcased the two shelving units and removed all unnecessary furniture and clutter. That project took us 2 hours and the photographer was able to take pictures for the listing that same afternoon.

   Over a period of several sessions, we put together a well organized Estate Sale. 
She was amazed to see how the whole project came together.
We had a very successful Estate Sale  …..    and she sold the house!

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