Mr and Mrs F  had attempted to clean out their garage previously…….  7 times to be exact. They had friends come over and help, the cleaning lady did it a couple of times …. but it was never enough.  Last year they had a Garage sale and he stuff left over, well, stayed in the garage.   Then one day, a friend of theirs showed them our flyer and they decided to call.  We knew we could transform this garage into something wonderful as the homeowner had plenty of storage and space.  It took us about 6 hrs, but when we were done the homeowner could not believe his eyes!  Mr. F found several items that he had been looking for and Mrs. F was thrilled that now she could use the side door in addition to the garage door for access into the home. Everything that had been in the garage previously went in again and there was room to walk,  we created a laundry station and  an separate area to put items for  a future yard sale.

1 garage before (1) 1. garage after