We were contacted by a family that had been living in a 2 story,  4 bedroom/3 bath house  for 25 years and wanted to downsize.  They found a beautiful 2 bedroom condo and were eager to move but the task was daunting, to say the least.  They needed to pack, to sell what they couldn’t take with them and to organize their new place.   We came up with a plan and got to work….

First, we assisted them with packing of the items they were taking to their new place.  After the family moved, we organized a two week-end Estate Sale which was very successful.  Following that, we  cleaned out the old house and got it ready to be placed on the market.   The new place was wonderful but it needed to be organized.  So, we got to work and in a few visits the homeowners were enjoying their new clutter-free home.  This was a big job but after all, didn’t we say that “We do it All”?

 The trick to a successful Estate Sale is to display the items carefully